Covid-19 and moving to online yoga classes


Due to government guidance on non-essential gatherings, I’m afraid all face-to-face classes have currently been cancelled.

I am continuing to run yoga sessions online via Zoom ( at the usual times so that you can follow along and practice from your own homes. It is free to sign up to zoom and log in.

If you have booked the block of classes I will send you a link at 6.30pm on Mondays which will give you 15 minutes to connect to the meeting. If you would like to ‘drop in’ to a session and have not booked please let me know so I can send you a link to the class – payment can be made by direct transfer in these circumstances.

Although it is not ideal, I hope that this way we can all get our yoga fix, and stay healthy and happy while staying safe at home.

Please see the below advice from the British Wheel of Yoga on attending an online yoga class:

Guidance for students: Maximising the experience of a remote yoga session 21st March 2020

Being in a remote class is a different experience to being physically present with a teacher in a group setting. You may be attending remotely because it is not possible to physically attend your regular local class, or you may attend a remote class because it offers the opportunity to work with a teacher who ordinarily lives too far away for you to attend regularly.

Either way; the following hints and tips will help to make sure that your experience of remote teaching is as enjoyable as possible and enables you to connect with the teacher and your group, albeit virtually.

• Allow 15 mins prior to the session to begin with, to allow enough time to get set up properly, be comfortable and in the right place. You may need to adjust your lighting so your teacher can see you clearly. After a few sessions it will not take so long to set up.

• Think about connecting your laptop to your TV via an HDMI cable to give you a bigger screen. If you want to do this, have a trial run beforehand to make sure you can do it easily on the day.

• Opting for gallery view will bring images of all participants onto your screen and you will have more of the experience of a group class. The downside is that the image of your teacher will be smaller. Depending on the size of your screen this might not be practical. Experiment and see which works best for you.

• The main image will switch to whichever participant makes a sound so use speaker view and keep muted once started, unless you are in a group chanting or philosophy discussion. In a physical session you can use the chat button on whichever online platform you are using if you need to speak to the teacher.

• Arrange your screen so that your teacher can see as much of you as possible and then you won’t have to keep moving the screen or adjusting yourself. You will probably need to be a minimum of 6 feet away from your device.

• Make sure you have plenty of room to move your arms and legs.

• Your teacher will let you know in advance what props you will need; make sure you have everything ready beforehand, including water.

• Don’t have any music in the background because it will distort and/or be in competition with your voice if you do need to speak to the teacher.

• Dress as you would if you were attending a face to face yoga class. This will eliminate the possibility of any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions! Remember, other people in the class will be able to see you on their screens.

• Laugh – it’s a new experience so don’t worry about being perfect. Be human, be authentic, be you!


If you are not one of my current students, but would like to access my online classes, please get in touch! Before you begin classes, you will need:

a) to complete a health questionnaire (to be supplied by email)

b) to agree to a short health assessment and ‘interview’ on Zoom (which is where the classes will take place)

c) to sign the disclaimer on the health questionnaire which informs students/clients that for any periods of time throughout a remote session during which they are absent, or otherwise move off screen, no liability will arise on the part of the teacher.