In-person group yoga back on!

Olivia Smithies Yoga now open: new socially distanced yoga class at the venue to run from 6.45pm to 8.15pm on Tuesdays.

We will be starting back at the venue (Surbiton Hill Methodist Church) on 8th September, for a short 3 week trial block (latter classes on: 15th Sept and 22nd Sept). Classes are on Tuesdays from 6.45-8.15pm, but class sizes will be limited to allow social distancing. The early bird deadline is next Wednesday (02/09/20), so get in touch as soon as possible to secure your space.

If you would like to come along as a drop in over the first 3 week block, I would be grateful if you could email me to let me know before you come along, so I can make sure we keep to safe numbers, and to avoid me turning you away at the door!

The venue is being cleaned and disinfected daily, but there are still measures that we need to take to practice yoga safely. I ask that, to maintain as much social distancing as possible, when you arrive you set up your mat as close as possible to the stage (maximum three to a row, making sure to allow 2 metres between mats), so that people don’t have to move past you to set up their mats. Please follow government social distancing guidelines on arriving and leaving the church.

As yoga is, in some sense, an exercise class, and you will be spaced generously apart, you will not need to wear a mask, but you may choose to wear one. It is recommended that you do wear a mask to come in and out of the venue, but you do not have to use it once the class has begun. All openable windows will be opened before, during, and after the class to allow ventilation. Doors will also be left ajar.

The church is providing hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrance to the church which are available for you to use, and there are hand washing facilities in the bathrooms. If you attend the class I will need to make a note of your name and contact details and hold these for 21 days and make them available to NHS Track and Trace in case anyone should become Covid-19 positive.

Unfortunately, it is now recommended that equipment is not shared, so I will not be able to lend equipment as before, so you will now have to bring your own. If anyone is interested in buying secondhand mats (£4.00), blocks (£2.00) or straps (£1.00), please let me know. They will be thoroughly cleaned, and have not been otherwise used since March.

I hope to see you at a socially distanced yoga class soon! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or want to book a place.


P.S. Zoom yoga classes continuing as normal, for those who would prefer to practice from home!